Telepang!  Pop bubbles, while you shift from the top to bottom with every wire you shoot.  Due to a teleport curse. From a mummy.  ooo spooky....Each time you hit a bubble, it splits into 2 smaller bubbles, or if it is small enough it will simply disappear.

Hitting the same size bubble multiple times in a row will yield bonus points! [High score is tracked in persistent data.]


left/right Arrow keys / d-pad : move left/right

X / Z (GameShell face keys) : launch a wire; every time you shoot you will also teleport


@castpixel - all of the pretty art

@enargy - code, sound, minor art (title screen animation, etc)

Note: You can press UP on the title screen to toggle 'vanillla' mode; i.e., no teleport.


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The mechanic is great and simple to understand. Great job!

Something this cute should not be this rage inducing, well played!!