UPDATE 2018-10-24

The card count is up to 56!  2 of which are accessible by finding secrets in these 2 carts:



UPDATE 2018-10-09

2 more monster-iffic cards!

UPDATE 2018-10-08

Another day, another 2 cards :)  These feature The Conductor - Electric Ghost.

This update also brings the total card count up to 50!

UPDATE 2018-10-07

2 MORE cards, this time featuring Della Muerte - Undead Mahou Shoujo!

UPDATE 2018-10-06

2 more cards, this time of the lupine persuasion. Try to uncover Felicia - Furred But Fashionable

UPDATE 2018-10-05

Some graphics tweaks to make portraits look nicer!

And yet more cards -- These 2 feature Cecilia - Weird Detective!

UPDATE 2018-10-04

2 MORE cards! This time, they suck. Blood, that is :D

Also, you can vote here to influence the release of an upcoming feature/mode..


UPDATE 2018-10-03

2 more cards! Including a treasured campfire snack.

UPDATE 2018-10-02

Before you start a 'reveal', you can now pick either a randomly chosen subset of 10 cards (1-10, 11-20, etc) or 'Any'.

Plus, 2 more spooky cards to scratch! This time based on Undead Queen - Faria!

UPDATE 2018-10-01

October/Halloween updates have begun!

Based on the recent poll, 2 new spoooky cards have been added with more to come.

Feeling lucky? If you are, you might pull a card based on Syliva, the Slacker-Witch!

UPDATE 2018-09-29

Cooldown is now a LOT more forgiving!  Instead of daily, you can 'login' up to once EVERY HOUR.  Streaks also go up to '8' (as in.. pico-8 :p) so... many more chances to get scratching!

Don't forget to check back for some new spooooky characters starting in October.


FYI, joypad (or keyboard) and mouse should all work pretty well -- I tried to make using either (or even both) pretty seamless and intuitive.

There are prompts for pretty much everything, but if you're on a keyboard or Joypad:

Up/Down/Left/Right - move cursor

X - Scratch or Select/confirm

Z - Auto-scratch, go back (from the gallery view)

UPDATE Starting in October, there will be 13 Days of updates Oooooo (all leading up to the end on #MMAMJam on Saturday the 14th). Updates will include new (SPOOOOKY!) characters and.. other things :) Stay tuned!

Make an account!

Collect random cards!

Scratching is addictive!

Come back daily to [LOGIN] for more chances to win!

"..that looks very.. satisfying..." - My wife, praising the scratch-off mechanic

(Apologies in advance if this marks the end of civilization as we know it)

Made withPICO-8
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Gamepad (any)


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